Hand made products are born out of a love for the technique and materials used. They are often made using very little energy and produce very little, if not any, waste. In a fast-paced world catering to wasteful consumeristic demands, hand made products give us an opportunity to slow down, experience something unique and timeless.

Every hand made product inherits a differentness in the way it is made, rejecting the sameness of mass-produced products. We want each thing in the store to embody something deeper, tell a story and in turn, add soul to your life and home.

We believe in conscious living practices, an ethically elevated approach to accessing all things one needs to live. It means we put artistry, fair practices and sustainability over wasteful consumption and harmful practices. We place utmost care to find products that are the most beautifully designed, timeless in thought and ethically made to put you and the planet first.

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