Paper Boat Collective set sail on the 25th of January 2013, on our founder's grandmother's 93rd birthday.

Paper Boat Collective was founded as a platform to showcase works of talented designers from India. With feet firmly grounded in crafts, sustainable practices and an understanding of where the world is headed, Paper Boat Collective showcases products across multiple categories. Our products are designed and developed by aspiring Indian talent using traditional and responsible techniques. Largely working in natural/organic materials the products have a stylish definition that fits into a modern way of living.

Our product representation is based on an intrinsic ability to understand a need, depict a theme and tell a story. We are led by experience. An unhurried presentation enables you to create a warm memory that does justice to the brands and their products. Our expression appeals to all the five senses: touch, taste, sight, sound, and smell. What we do connects with all the five elements- earth, water, wind, fire and ether.

The unique assimilation of the products has given Paper Boat Collective a distinctive brand appeal and a significant place in the market.

Paper Boat Collective is

vibrant and alive,

yet subtle and simple.


It has an expression in art,

but a detailing in design.


It is warm and happy,

welcoming and free-spirited.


Artist | Storyteller | Experience creator

Bhagyashree Patwardhan has spent over twenty years in design and branding, through various projects across the country. Her journey began from NID where she graduated in Industrial Design in 1998. A few years into her journey, she realised working in just one medium was a bit limiting and hence forayed into other disciplines of Art and Design. From film sets, retail, visual merchandising, to starting her own design and branding company Pattu has been at the forefront of creative endeavours of a varied nature.


She thoroughly enjoyed working on the museum design of the Sikh history museum in Nanded and the Sadhu Vaswani museum in Pune; which took several years of dedicated research, understanding, and interpretation of the themes as well as the integration of all activities and disciplines to be captured and showcased together as a whole. 

While all these areas of work were challenging and fun, they were also a bit restrictive. Yearning for a free rein to do what she believed she could do and wanted to do, Pattu  decided to take the plunge into a pursuit that was wholly her own. A mix of colours, textures, cultures, tones, thoughts, ideas, expressions, that come together to form an experience and an emotionally intelligent brand is what she wanted to bring to reality.


And so Paper Boat Collective was born, the culmination of a 15-year art & design journey and the beginning of a new one.

Paper Boat Collective is a one of a kind concept lifestyle store, showcasing diverse handmade products that portray a contemporary and responsible India.

Paper Boat Collective

Shop timings:​10:30 am - 7:30 pm

Open all days

HNo.248, Bella Vista, Chogm Road,

Sangolda, Goa, India


Phone: +91 84460 01248

Mobile: +91 75074  70248

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