Paper Boat Collective is a unique homegrown concept store in Goa and Bangalore. We are bound by the philosophy of curating exclusive handcrafted products that are organic in nature and have a stylish yet simple presence. Our philosophy of slow living and simplicity lies at the very core of our brand, and echoes through our store, our online platforms and in everything we do.


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At Paper Boat Collective, we strive to increasingly work with independent artisans and small scale businesses. Our collaborators create handcrafted items that tell a story.

More often than not, they are limited in their resources and material sourcing. In an effort to enable them to create their pieces with love and care, without having to rush or invest heavily, we have created our #ShopLIVE initiative.

#ShopLIVE with us on WhatsApp to browse through our in-store-only collections, that often don't make it to the website.

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Our store in Goa

Housed in a 100-year-old Portuguese villa, our store greets you with a soothing chime that announces your arrival. Wander through the works of small-scale artists, designers, and craftspeople that tell the tale of Indian fabrics and art forms, one beautiful piece at a time. Together with our in-house cafe and organic food store, it sets the pace for an unhurried exploration of the senses.


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