Our Story

We are a concept lifestyle boutique located in Goa, India. We showcase the work of Indian designers bound by the philosophy of creating exclusive handcrafted products that are intrinsically Indian in their expression, organic in nature and have a stylish, simple presence.

As an alternative to fast fashion and the corresponding wasteful consumption, we offer carefully handpicked timeless options. Our emphasis on an effortless aesthetic, detailing, finesse, the material or technique used, high regard to quality will speak to those who reject unsustainable trends. Our hope is to inspire conscious change within the retail landscape while continuing to ignite creativity in our community of design lovers.

All our handmade products are born out of a love for the technique and materials used. They are often made using very little energy and produce very little, if not any, waste. In a fast-paced world catering to wasteful consumerist demands, handmade products give us an opportunity to slow down, experience something unique and timeless. Every handmade product inherits a differentness in the way it is made, rejecting the sameness of mass-produced products. 

We want each thing in the store to embody something deeper, tell a story and in turn, add soul to your life and home.

We hand select all products at Paper Boat Collective very carefully. We ensure that every product we carry embodies our philosophy of slow and sustainable practices as well as timeless elegance. 

From room to room, our selection of products and design tend to change regularly to keep telling our story in new and interesting ways. Our original stories, carefully curated collections and brands help you discover the newest offerings in design, alternate lifestyles and conscious living. Come back often as new designs and stories are added regularly, so there’s always something new to discover.      

All our products are designed and developed by young Indian talent using traditional and responsible techniques, natural and organic materials and have a stylish and simplistic representation that fits into the modern way of living.

We have a deep love for the traditional and ancient techniques of India and want to bring them to the global forefront. We not only source but work closely with budding talent from the heart of India in a manner where the display does justice to the brand as well as the product and comes together to create a beautiful experience. 


Bhagyashree Patwardhan

Founder & Creative Director

Bhagyeshree Patwardhan - Paper Boat Collective


Bhagyashree was always keen on exploring new mediums of expression. Her journey of self discovery led her into the exciting fields of set design, retail, branding, visual merchandising and museum design.

Her¬†curatorial prowess and eye for design are a product of her days as a student at¬†The National Institute of Design, and a career that has spanned over 23 years. With a postgraduate degree in ceramics, she started out working with pottery brands like¬†Hitkari¬†and¬†Peddar.¬†Finding herself limited by one medium and one material, she decided to explore craft techniques. Her professional life saw her work across mediums ‚Äď from visual merchandising, and set design, film work, to running a branding agency and spearheading two museum projects as creative director. In the course of her work life, she has collaborated with creatives and designers from across India. And It is this journey that led her to discover and appreciate the country‚Äôs design language and is the reason why the store‚Äôs endeavour has been to preserve and showcase the wealth of India‚Äôs traditions and provide a platform for craftspeople.¬†

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