Why Are We an Experience-led Business?

Maintaining the charm of the local Goan architectural heritage, our store welcomes you with a balcao adorned with plants and recycled accents. The simple wall mural of a blue paper boat and waves reminds you of relaxing pleasures of a simpler time. That’s the imagery we want you to have when the melodious sound of a wind chime gently announces your arrival in the store.

While you take a second to absorb the surroundings, the soft fragrance of lemongrass drifts around you. As you walk into one of our many rooms, you’ll notice the detailed curation of an array of handcrafted products around you and how fluid the existence of each room is. From cozy corners with home accents to apparel racks, every product is consciously displayed with an appeal to the five senses. Running your hand through the fabrics and textures of the apparel, each one organic and unique, letting the visual appeal seep in from our colour coordinated arrangements, all the while you hear soft music playing in the background is the kind of experience our store provides.

When you read a really good book, you don’t want to keep down because you want more, browsing the Paper Boat Collective store is a similar experience, you want to take the time to see every refreshingly distinct piece. And with an ever-changing variety of consciously curated products, our story keeps adding new chapters for you to enjoy. 

We call ourselves an experience-led business because one of the key highlights of our store is interaction. Everything in our store has a quality of being able to interact with you and narrate stories. The fluidity of the store helps in creating an atmosphere that lets you slow down and spend time looking at things that speak to you. Every product in our store has a story behind its production and we love sharing the process, the ideas of the artisans and the distinctive originality with you. The way we do that is not only by having our customer executives inform you about the stories behind products that you feel drawn to, but also by organising the products in a way that shows the best features of the piece and how well it can connect to its environment.

We want to make sure that your experience at our store is one for the keepsakes, which is why we go to great lengths to make your time here fulfilling. To make your experience complete, you can grab handcrafted coffee or tea and a bite to eat from the array of choices at our lovely in house, Café La Di Da. The menu is specially designed to give a wholesome finish to your visit. 

Hope to see you seize a day to visit us and enjoy all that Paper Boat Collective offers!

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