We are a unique homegrown concept store nestled in Goa, India. We showcase the work of Indian designers bound by the ethics of creating handcrafted products that are intrinsically Indian in their expression, organic in nature, and have a stylish, simple presence.
Our philosophy of slow living and simplicity is echoed in our store and in everything we do. The store is designed in a way that immerses you deep into a world of silk dresses, block-printed shirts, exquisite jewellery, and much more. Meandering through our space will have all your senses tickled, since you will never know what to expect. We put free flow over defined spaces, so that no two visits to the store are ever the same. At Paper Boat Collective, we want our visitors to take back experiences, not just products.


All our handmade products are born out of a love for the techniques and materials used. We work with a closely-knit community of aspiring Indian talent, committed to production that’s ethical at every step of the way. We swap speed and seasonal for hand-crafted and timeless.

To further minimize our environmental impact, we are constantly ideating, experimenting, and innovating. While we are not perfect, we are always striving to inch closer to the zero waste ideal.

Impeccably Curated

Every product at the Paper Boat Collective is sourced while keeping premium quality, sustainable practices, and timeless designs in mind. Our pieces are made slow to last long, so that your favourites continue to be loved through seasons.

We encourage you to wander through our store, for every nook & corner has a surprise waiting for you. From room to room, our selection of products and designs tends to change regularly, so that you always have new experiences to take back with you.


All our products are ethically produced using natural and organic materials. We work closely with budding designers, makers and artisan communities in an effort to showcase and preserve the aesthetic and craftsmanship of contemporary India. Each of our pieces embraces traditionality, whilst also fitting into the modern way of living effortlessly.

Our beautiful display of homegrown products doesn’t just encourage sustainable living, but also goes the extra mile by giving artisans and makers center stage.


Meet Our Founder


Bhagyashree was always keen on exploring new mediums of expression. Her journey of self-discovery led her into the exciting fields of set design, retail, branding, visual merchandising, and museum design.

Her curatorial prowess and eye for design are a product of her days as a student at The National Institute of Design, and a career that has spanned over 23 years. With a postgraduate degree in ceramics, she started out working with pottery brands like Hitkari and Peddar. 

Her professional life saw her work across mediums—from visual merchandising, set design, and film work, to running a branding agency, to spearheading two museum projects as creative director. In the course of her work life, Bhagyashree collaborated with creative individuals and designers from across India. It is this journey that made her want to preserve and showcase the wealth of India’s traditions, by curating a platform for small-scale artists.

Paper Boat Collective is a natural extension of our founder’s love for beautiful, timeless, and effortless design, as well as her passion for all-things-homegrown.

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